KS12 IS Patrizia Kommerell and Gabriel Shalom

Founded 2008 in Berlin, KS12 produces design and storytelling projects in a hybrid zone encompassing art, design and video.

In 2012 we were studio in residence at the Portland Incubator Experiment at Wieden + Kennedy. Gabriel is a member of the 2012 class of the Art Directors Club Young Guns. In 2013 we were artists in residence in the Frankfurter Kunstverein for the NODE Forum for Digital Arts


Selected Exhibitions & Screenings

2013  I  NODE Festival, Frankfurt

2012  I  Alpha-ville Festival, London

2012  I  Resonate Festival, Belgrade

2012  I  MU Artspace, Eindhoven

2011  I  STRP Festival, Eindhoven

2011  I  Creative Commons Nordic Tour: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, Reykjavik

2011  I  Transmediale, Berlin

2010  I  Screening: The Future of Money, Sibos Conference, Amsterdam

2010  I  The Tuesday Selection of Futuristic Art Films, Direktorenhaus, Berlin

2009  I  Create Berlin “20 Jahre Mauerfall, Freiräume”, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin

2008  I  Create Berlin goes London, Design Festival, London


Selected Talks & Workshops

2013  I  Time Travelers, Cyborgs & Magical Objects, Apple Store: ADC Young Guns, Berlin

2013   I  Objects Transforming in Time, KiKK Festival Conference, Namur

2013  I  Videomusic & Hypercubism, NODE Festival, Frankfurt

2011  I  A Different View on Social Media, British Council, Berlin

2011  I  The Future of Money, Platoon, Berlin

2011  I  The Future of Art, Modular Festival, Augsburg

2011  I  The Future of Money, Wi.n.d. Symposium, Alanus University, Bonn

2011  I  People in Beta, People in Beta Festival, Betahaus, Berlin

2011  I  Open Video Lab,  Mozilla Drumbeat, Barcelona

2011  I  The Future of Money, Transmediale, Berlin

2010  I  Hypercubist Manifesto, Pecha Kucha Berlin

2010  I  Aura Recognition, Augmented Reality Business Conference, Berlin

2010  I  Analog Motion Graphics, DMY Berlin

2010  I  Postcards from Berlin, Achtung Berlin Film Festival, Berlin



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